i did it!

I did an unannounced challenge this week – 4 nights without beer. Simple, right? It’s such a habit, though. It’s not about getting drunk – I will happily fulfill my evening beer with a single Bud Light 55 – but just about the habit and calming of drinking a beer as I wind down for the night. But it’s important to me to be able to stretch myself and challenge my habits, so I went 4 nights without beer.

It was hard. Actually, harder than I thought. I found myself, especially as the night wore on, trying to rationalize drinking a beer, or a half a beer, or any combination of alcohol that would approximate a beer. Nope! I managed to stay strong the entire time, Monday through Thursday, and resisted all alcohol even when others around me were drinking.

I’m accomplished, but I’m not done. I’m going for Sunday through Thursday this coming week, and continuing to break myself of this weird habit I seem to have fallen into. I want to be able to enjoy beer, rather than consuming beer, so I’ll give it another go and see what happens. Plus, it saves money! 😉


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