aaaand … we’re back!

Hi folks. Guess what? I’m unemployed again! I’ve been unemployed for a couple of months and kind of toying with the idea of really buckling down and dieting again. Then this morning I thought to myself – what excuse do I have? I make all of my meals at home now, I do all of the grocery shopping, and other than homework and housework (which is a big ‘other’ hahaha), I have nothing to do all day but take pictures of my food and log it in MyFitnessPal.

So I start again. Getting a handle on what goes into my mouth, followed by hopefully getting a handle on what I do in my spare time that could burn calories.

I’ve also joined Influenster so expect to see some posts along that vein as we progress!

First order of business: get a new scale. I stepped on it the other morning and was pleased to see that I had lost almost four pounds since I’d last weighed myself! Then, curious, I stepped on it again, and saw that I’d gained three pounds. Stepped on it again: another completely different number. I think it’s due for retirement!


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