aaaand … we’re back!

Hi folks. Guess what? I’m unemployed again! I’ve been unemployed for a couple of months and kind of toying with the idea of really buckling down and dieting again. Then this morning I thought to myself – what excuse do I have? I make all of my meals at home now, I do all of the grocery shopping, and other than homework and housework (which is a big ‘other’ hahaha), I have nothing to do all day but take pictures of my food and log it in MyFitnessPal.

So I start again. Getting a handle on what goes into my mouth, followed by hopefully getting a handle on what I do in my spare time that could burn calories.

I’ve also joined Influenster so expect to see some posts along that vein as we progress!

First order of business: get a new scale. I stepped on it the other morning and was pleased to see that I had lost almost four pounds since I’d last weighed myself! Then, curious, I stepped on it again, and saw that I’d gained three pounds. Stepped on it again: another completely different number. I think it’s due for retirement!


i did it!

I did an unannounced challenge this week – 4 nights without beer. Simple, right? It’s such a habit, though. It’s not about getting drunk – I will happily fulfill my evening beer with a single Bud Light 55 – but just about the habit and calming of drinking a beer as I wind down for the night. But it’s important to me to be able to stretch myself and challenge my habits, so I went 4 nights without beer.

It was hard. Actually, harder than I thought. I found myself, especially as the night wore on, trying to rationalize drinking a beer, or a half a beer, or any combination of alcohol that would approximate a beer. Nope! I managed to stay strong the entire time, Monday through Thursday, and resisted all alcohol even when others around me were drinking.

I’m accomplished, but I’m not done. I’m going for Sunday through Thursday this coming week, and continuing to break myself of this weird habit I seem to have fallen into. I want to be able to enjoy beer, rather than consuming beer, so I’ll give it another go and see what happens. Plus, it saves money! 😉

just a quick weigh-in

I took upon a challenge this week – no beer, no alcohol, at all, until Friday. Monday through Thursday. I’m so attached to my nightly beer, even if it’s just a 55 calorie ultra light beer that can’t possibly get me drunk, and while it obviously doesn’t fit into paleo, it also is extra calories I simply don’t need. Liquid bread!

Well, I’m 2 days in and I already broke the plateau I was at – I weighed in this morning at 144.6, the lowest weight I’ve seen on a scale in a long time. Pretty exciting!

just checking in

I’m still here (how many times have i begun a post with that?!) and trucking along. I’ve been really enjoying paleo – I’m not 100% on it, but I’ve been using it as a guideline when making dietary choices and I feel pretty damn good. Fresh, energetic, and lots more veggies in me! I find that I have pretty significant blood sugar spikes (and subsequent crashes) when I fudge on the diet and have bread products during the day, so it’s a pretty good incentive to not throw some extra wheat products in there.

A NSV I decided to share – I have to dress up for work this week, and only had the pants I wore at my last job. They are literally falling off of me! I spent yesterday walking around, holding them up with one hand, and today on my lunch went and bought a new pair of pants. The old pants were 12s; the new ones are 10s. 🙂

Until next time!

good all day and an oopsie at night

Well, I’m sad to say that I cheated a bit last night. Not terrible – there were definitely less paleo choices I could have made! – but I’m kind of kicking myself today for so mindlessly munching on microwaved chicken nuggets (of all things!). Anyway, the breakdown of the day prior to that (obviously i didn’t photograph my shame – next time i should!):

Breakfast. I grabbed these frozen sausages without realizing they were two per serving instead of one. They’re tiny, they have soy protein (the quick ‘n’ eat ones i normally have do not have soy), and they’re not as good. :/ No thanks, Johnsonville, not again!

I threw some chicken thighs in enchilada sauce in the oven when I left for work, and came home for lunch to some beautifully cooked meat. I added a whole avocado on top for fiber, fat, and deliciousness.

Dinner was the leftover chicken thigh, avocado, cheese, tomato, and salsa verde on a bed of romaine. Pretty tasty and felt super light. Yay vitamin A!

I did have half a Coors Light and half an IPA after dinner. I had had a bad headache all day that multitudes of drugs didn’t cure, so I thought perhaps it was a lack-of-carbs-induced headache. No such luck and the beers definitely weren’t worth the calories or the deviation from paleo. :/ I have it again today so I’m thinking I may just be getting sick. I did spent 57 minutes on the elliptical for a whopping 500 calories so that at least offset my bad choices a bit.

Until tomorrow!

still going strong

I’m finding eating paleo to be SO much easier than keto, you don’t even know. I am excited to fill my meals with vegetables in addition to the meats and fats that I eat, in a way that I was decidingly not excited to fill my keto meals with simply fat. I tend to have hard carb cravings at night (damn do i miss that bedtime piece of toast!) but have remained strong, so far. Yesterday was pretty simple.

Half an avocado, half a tomato, half an ounce of cheese, and leftover chicken.

I was at a loss at lunch, so I just made some garlic chicken thighs and cauliflower “rice” with some cheese on top. It was meh.

Eating dinner on the go – a Chipotle chicken salad with no beans, no rice, guacamole, cheese, and salsa. Tasty but so damn expensive. :/

enter paleo

Day one of paleo went great! I honestly haven’t been struggling with the low carb thing at all – the emphasis on fats kind of throws me off, but I’m working my way there. Without a gallbladder, eating fatty foods is kind of a hit or miss, but so far I’ve been able to tolerate most of what I’ve made.

Without further adieu, yesterday!

The usual.

I got a little hungry before lunch and was pretty pleased that paleo allowed me some super low calorie, super tasty berries as a snack.

I ventured into the cafeteria for lunch and was able to scrounge up some salt and pepper and olive oil’d asparagus, giant meatballs, and toppings. I gotta say, those meatballs were PLENTY. I was stuffed by the end.

My kitchen is a mess so I threw in the towel and took us out to eat for dinner. I got the low carb chicken club from Carl’s Jr. with no mayo for only 270 calories. It was … okay. Something I’d eat because it fits into my diet, not because I particularly enjoy it.

Pre-lettuce lifting.

Post-lettuce lifting.

I did one of the exercise videos On Demand, a kickboxing-ish one by some trainer I’ve never heard of. It was only 24 minutes long but it was quite the workout for someone who hasn’t been working out lately! Lots of jumping squats – my butt and hamstrings are pretty sore today. But! I was down from 150.6 to 148.8 (i suspect that i was gaining so quickly on keto because of water weight) so at least the scale is validating my decision.

turns out, this is the end

So, R approached me last night about our diet. I say “our” because I’m the cook of the household, and we don’t have the resources for me to eat a completely separate meal from everyone else, so what I’ve been doing (as i have mentioned before) is making a keto-friendly meal and then throwing a carb on the side.

The problem with this, of course, is that the keto meals are fat heavy and ineffective without super low carbs. R has been maintaining a “normal” diet and was concerned that, longterm, joining me on only the high fat portion of the diet was going to .. well … make him fat! (he can’t participate in keto for a couple different reasons)

As a compromise, I offered to switch over to paleo, which is not necessarily lower fat but can be, and includes some carbohydrates so all my meals won’t be so drastically different than his. I changed my macros in MFP over to 20% carbs, 30% protein, and 50% fat and will be embarking on that journey starting today. But to close out my unfortunately short-lived experiment with keto, yesterday’s meals.

The usual breakfast. I think I’ll continue this as it’s quick, easy, filling, and cheap.

A (blurry, sorry) picture of lunch – chicken thigh, romaine, Kraft caesar dressing, and shaved parmesan.

I was pretty sure that I took a picture of dinner, but apparently not! We had more bacon-wrapped asparagus (i’ve already gone through our pack of bacon … oops!) along with sausage-stuffed mushrooms. It was tasty but oh man, the grease. 😦

Alright everyone, I’m off to do a little more reading up on the ins and outs of paleo. It’s worth noting that I gained another half a pound since yesterday, so I think I’m due for a session at the gym today!

day 2 of keto

Well, day 2 of keto went exactly as I had planned. I was sad to see that I ended up gaining 0.2 pounds since yesterday, this morning, but that is objectively so little weight I won’t be letting it get me down. A quick rundown of the meals for the day –

“Scrambled” (microwaved) eggs and two pieces of bacon. Never again, using a microwave to scramble eggs is pretty gross. :/

Some more of that steak … stuff. It hasn’t improved with age. I’ll probably be throwing out the rest – too much gristle!

I roasted some frozen broccoli in the same pan I had previously used to cook bacon, and tossed the broccoli in the bacon fat after it warmed up. I also threw in two chopped garlic cloves. Much tastier than the protein!!

I got a little fancy with dinner (hahaha) by roasting a whole chicken, doing bacon-wrapped asparagus, and then made crescent rolls for the non-keto members of the household. Totally delicious. I had two more of the asparagus after this was shot!

As planned, I had a 24 ounce Coors Light as I wound down for bed. I honestly felt fantastic all day, but I went to the gym and spent an hour on the recumbent bike and the elliptical and it really pushed me over the edge into feeling gross again. :/ Even with the Coors, however, I stayed within my target carb range for the day!! Tonight, I plan on buying a six pack of Coors Light and tapering down to 12 ounces of Coors a night. After that… something carb free. 🙂 See you tomorrow!

hi everyone!

I took about three weeks off of dieting/exercising and just basically let myself go. The rationale behind this was pretty poor – I had a trip coming up, wherein I didn’t plan on dieting, and so why bother for the three weeks prior? I didn’t gain any weight during the three weeks but I did gain 3 pounds on the trip, which was enough to jump start me back on track again. (can you say, yo yo dieter? yeesh) I was 149.8 this morning. 😦

In any case, I got it in my head to try the keto diet I’d read so much about on Reddit. I tried day 1 yesterday and let me tell you… they aren’t kidding about the “keto flu.” I felt miserable by the end of the day and ended up drinking a beer at 10 p.m. just so I could go to sleep feeling halfway decent. I’m trying again today, though, and hope that maybe easing into it a day at a time will be helpful.

I’m on my lunch but here’s a brief synopsis of yesterday’s food –

Two eggs and a “Quick n Eat” sausage patty. 340 calories.

A leg, a thigh, and about a cup and a half of broccoli steamed in vegetable broth with minced garlic and a splash of coconut aminos soy sauce replacement.

I couldn’t finish this. Steak, onion, zucchini, sharp cheddar, olive oil, garlic. By this point in the day, I was nauseous and had a headache. Plus, the cut of steak (it was pre-chopped – my first mistake) had a TON of gristle and even some bone! 1/10, would not buy again.

I nibbled on some soy-free beef jerky before bed but a 24 ounce Red Hook Long Hammer IPA was my huge failing of the day. I plan on scaling down to a Coors Light tonight, which I know is not at all within keto, but if I feel anywhere close to how I felt yesterday, it will be necessary. Until next time!