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one month in

My charts on FitBit are all messed up, and it took me a couple of weeks to sync the account with MFP, so no pretty chart here.

After much deliberation, I ended up deciding to accept that my weight didn’t jump 4.4 pounds in just a few days, and that my actual first weigh-in since getting the Fitbit was 154.4. As of this morning, I weighed 149 even, which gives me a total loss of 5.4 pounds in one month.

This is great! Could I have done better? Yes. I have what amounts to 2 cheat days a week (friday/saturday) so I’m only dieting 5 days a week. I’m not doing any high intensity exercise (just lots of walking) and I’m not doing any weight lifting. These are all areas for improvement but I’m pretty pleased that I lost a very reasonable 5 pounds in four weeks.

On to the next four weeks.


well damn, i’m frustrated

So it’s been a while! Two months of ‘while’. Here’s what’s happened in between:

– I did, in fact, complete the week of Paleo breakfasts challenge. Hooray!
– I even sustained it for I think another week after that. Hooray!
– Then life got tough/the holidays rolled around/life, oh wow, LIFE and I stopped the challenge and stopped monitoring my calories and basically just let myself go for a while. Booooo.
– I asked for (and received) a FitBit Flex for Christmas. Yay!
– I got back on the weight loss wagon, started tracking again
– I started eating my lunch at my desk and walking 3+ miles each day during my lunch, plus miles on the weekend with R

Here’s where I got serious. As of the 1st of the year, I decided to give melatonin another shot. And this time, I found the right dose – 2 mg a night (in 1 mg pills) taken an hour before bed has me totally ready to sleep by the time I should be. I was still getting anxiety about sleeping each night, so to address that, I’ve been measuring out 2 glasses of wine each night and accounting for them in my calories.

Well, I’ve been tracking for almost three weeks with this technique. Here’s the problem.


First of all, obviously weighing almost every day means that I’ll see the day to day fluxuations. But for the life of me, I can’t remember whether the 150 at the first day was something I was guessing before I set up my scale, or if I actually stepped on the scale for the first time and weighed 150. I’m leaning towards that being the case (which means then i’ve lost 4.4 pounds in 3 weeks – whoo!) but maybe I’m deluding myself to make myself feel better about eating less, drinking less, moving more, and losing literally no weight.

For me, who is finally giving this a solid shot including establishing an entirely new bedtime routine for myself to meet my goals and manage my stress levels, the chance that I’ve made no progress is very discouraging.

That being said, the only way to find out if it’s working is to keep doing it and see what happens. 4.4 pounds in 3 weeks would be super great if it were true, so I guess I will continue trucking on despite my frustration.

I’m also thinking about bringing back the daily eats – another goal of mine is to manage our food budget more wisely, so I’m planning on a lot more home-made food making its way to work. Later all!

enter paleo

Day one of paleo went great! I honestly haven’t been struggling with the low carb thing at all – the emphasis on fats kind of throws me off, but I’m working my way there. Without a gallbladder, eating fatty foods is kind of a hit or miss, but so far I’ve been able to tolerate most of what I’ve made.

Without further adieu, yesterday!

The usual.

I got a little hungry before lunch and was pretty pleased that paleo allowed me some super low calorie, super tasty berries as a snack.

I ventured into the cafeteria for lunch and was able to scrounge up some salt and pepper and olive oil’d asparagus, giant meatballs, and toppings. I gotta say, those meatballs were PLENTY. I was stuffed by the end.

My kitchen is a mess so I threw in the towel and took us out to eat for dinner. I got the low carb chicken club from Carl’s Jr. with no mayo for only 270 calories. It was … okay. Something I’d eat because it fits into my diet, not because I particularly enjoy it.

Pre-lettuce lifting.

Post-lettuce lifting.

I did one of the exercise videos On Demand, a kickboxing-ish one by some trainer I’ve never heard of. It was only 24 minutes long but it was quite the workout for someone who hasn’t been working out lately! Lots of jumping squats – my butt and hamstrings are pretty sore today. But! I was down from 150.6 to 148.8 (i suspect that i was gaining so quickly on keto because of water weight) so at least the scale is validating my decision.

10 pounds by Christmas

I’ve been on and off the wagon lately … I find myself taking pictures of my food, then running out of time to even upload them, much less organize them into a blog post. On the positive side, much of why I run out of time each evening is the fact that I’ve been trying to get in daily exercise. (we won’t talk about the much-needed cleaning that also takes up a bulk of my evenings)

I do find that I make better choices and have better results when I’m taking pictures and writing blog posts – so I will try to find a balance in my life that allows for it!

That being said, I was disappointed when I didn’t meet my goal of losing 5 pounds in the months of September and October. I need to have a sitdown with myself and rethink the use of, “Today is a new day,” to motivate myself to keep going – having that “reset” each day isn’t doing a lot for me, and although it may not have been mentally healthier to beat myself up over having a bad day, I’m starting to think that it might be more effective to hold myself more accountable and less “it’s okay to make mistakes.”

So my new goal is to lose 10 pounds by Christmas. I reset my goals in MFP to losing 1 pound a week, and was allotted 1270 calories per day because of that. Obviously, Christmas is a little less than 10 weeks away, but I feel like really pushing myself to get in exercise while eating more wholesomely and healthier can get me to 10 pounds in slightly fewer weeks than that.

One thing I’ve also been struggling with has been the type of exercise I do. I feel great when I do Turbo Jam (fat blaster and the 3T exercises make a great pair) but when I do elliptical, I get to watch Supernatural! It’s a hard choice – choosing the exercise that objectively feels like I’ve worked myself out harder, or staying on the elliptical for 80 minutes while I watch a couple of episodes. I’ve been leaning towards to elliptical as I work my way through season 3 of Supernatural on Netflix, but I am going to make more of an effort to get in Turbo Jam on the days when R doesn’t want to watch Supernatural with me. 😉

For the record, I weighed in at 148.6 this morning …. getting down to 138.6 would be amazing.

So that’s that!

fresh off of turbo jam and feeling motivated to post

Man! I just got done doing the Fat Burner video on Turbo Jam and I am all pumped up to post about my food hahaha. Seriously though, I need to ride this high out before I crash and zone out in front of the TV for the rest of the night.

I’m skipping yesterday’s post because honestly, I had a good day (calorie wise) that was completely unsatisfying to my taste buds, and after I hit “finished for the day” on MFP, I went out and had two crunchy tacos (WITH CHEESE) from Del Taco. I’ve been experimenting a bit with dairy products lately and have found a nice balance between “cheese quesadillas all day every day” and “no cheese forever.” Anyway. It was but a single day in the long fitness journey I am on, blah blah etc.

Breakfast today was a predictable as predictable can be: bagel thin, sausage, egg.


I tried Panera for the first time at lunch today, and found this lunch filling without being heavy and completely tasty all around. Half a chicken avocado salad, a bowl of low fat chicken noodle soup, and bread.

I’ve tried to make corn tortillas before, without much success, but tried again because I wanted tacos and have grown to loathe store-bought corn tortillas. This time was much more successful and my meal was incredibly filling for the amount of calories it was. The soup on the side was something I picked up at the farmer’s market – a vegan corn and chile chowder.


The soup brand is Souper Natural – if you’re in the Portland area, look them up! They apparently stock some items at New Seasons, and have stalls at most of the farmer’s markets. This soup was spicy and delicious and completely soy, dairy, and gluten free. (no, i’m not being paid to say this – it was just really good!)


That’s it for today! Tomorrow is another lift day, though I may put it off an extra day to sync up my schedule with R, who has already decided to lift on Friday. We’ll see! I took the day off of elliptical yesterday and stretched for about 20 minutes instead, and the incredible soreness in my legs went away today, so apparently that was a good choice.

two days in one

I ran out of time to post Sunday’s food, so have a two-in-one to make up for it.

R was feeling energized on Sunday, and cranked out a breakfast sandwich for me before I could think twice. The usual trappings, plus Daiya.


We went to the farmer’s market, and had some kettle corn as a snack. The bag promised that the whole thing was 170 calories (3 cups of popcorn) and I split it with three other people, so the calories should have been pretty negligible.

As promised, I made a Beef and Barley soup – the recipe I made was faithfully copied from Skinnytaste (a GREAT recipe resource, by the way), with the exception of added mushrooms (because i had them sitting around) and doubling the recipe. It turned out absolutely delicious, though I’ve found my stomach’s patience for red meat has greatly declined since I’ve switched to a primarily poultry-based diet. :/ It was still very very tasty, however.


Dinner was uninspired – a Wendy’s chicken sandwich and a side salad with the pomegranate dressing.

And on to yesterday … while at the farmer’s market, I picked up some pluots, and had one alongside my breakfast sandwich.


For lunch I had Chipotle, managing to choose very wisely despite not having calorie information in front of me – a bowl with chicken, rice, salsa, and avocado.

I roasted a chicken on a bed of chopped frozen broccoli, and made some quick couscous to go along with it. Measuring out 1/2 a cup of couscous turned out to be plenty when mixed in with the broccoli.


Today is a lift day and I’m honestly pretty excited about it. I’ve tried a few different stances for doing squats – the bar across the shoulders, dumbbells at each side, and finally just holding a 35 pound bench press weight against my chest – and found that the latter of the three is the best to avoid pinching a nerve in my neck that seems to be touchy. I find it easier to keep posture and get a great, deep squat each time I use the one weight, so I’m pretty excited to do some more squats tonight! (obligatory “hahaha, who am i?!” goes here)

it’s a bit early to celebrate …

… but I’m down a pound! 155.6 this morning. Yeah, yeah, weight loss is cumulative – I’m still happy to see the scale move.

I ran out of turkey sausage patties and replaced it on my breakfast sandwich with 2 weighed ounces of low sodium turkey breast. It actually saved me 60 calories, for a 270 calorie sandwich.


Normally, I get sugar free energy drinks to boost me through the day, but I didn’t have my second one yesterday and decided to try an Americano with two pumps of mocha and one pump of caramel. I forgot to say iced. :/ It was okay. 80 calories.


I had intended to have another salad and burrito for lunch, but R needed me to meet him downtown so we did that and, somewhat fittingly, ended up at Chipotle, where I had a burrito bowl (which is basically a burrito as a salad, haha). 575 calories – nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be when I was eating it.


The kitchen was still messy, so I made chicken breast cooked in salsa verde, then put them with a tablespoon of beans and half a serving of Daiya per tortilla. ~480 calories.


I ended up having an (unphotographed) square of 66 calorie chocolate after dinner, as well as a single shot (~100 calories) but still ended up under my calorie goal due to an intense hour of elliptical that burned 700 calories. Hooray!

a lesson about sushi

I started off my day predictably – an English muffin, a little bit of Earth Balance whipped, a turkey sausage patty, and an egg. These sandwiches really have lasting power through lunch time.


For lunch, I was really craving sushi, and had that, “How many calories could it really be?” moment with myself. I figured I would let myself eat a normal amount of food there and then calculate the calories to really teach myself what I’m eating when I go out to places like that.

And now, the parade of sushi …

Salmon nigiri.

Not a usual choice of mine – vegetable tempura.

Salmon and avocado roll with sriracha mayo.

I wasn’t really ~feeling~ eel tempura rolls but had one anyone. Learned my lesson when a bone stabbed me in my gum and stayed there! 😦

And some calamari because it’s delicious.

All said and done … 937 calores. Holy cow! Sure, I was full, but I definitely could have made some better choices with that many calories.


Dinner was basically an abject failure – I intended to have a moist, juicy chicken breast with some roasted-alongside vegetables. Instead, because I was taking a final online while it cooked, I ended up with tough, overcooked chicken and half-burned veggies. :/ I ate it anyway though, as it was 7:30 and too late to start another one.

Even with exercising 735 calories off with about an hour on the elliptical, alcohol tallying in took me over my goal calories (which is 1200 plus whatever i’ve exercised off) by ~170 calories for the day. Definitely no sushi in my future today!

living dangerously!

Okay, not as dangerously as some people live, but it sure felt dangerous. I ate half of a king size Butterfinger today. Did you know that, contrary to the labeling of “milk chocolate” and “butter” in the packaging, all of the milk ingredients in Butterfingers are in the 1% or less column? Once we found that out, R and I agreed to split a Butterfinger when we didn’t have anywhere else to go the rest of the day. That turned out to be yesterday. No adverse effects, and man, was that candy delicious. Totally worth the 230 calories it cost me.


In any case, that Butterfinger was later in the day. I almost ended up skipping breakfast, but was feeling moody and so had an actual serving (30g, as measured by my food scale) of cereal. Ummm … clearly I have been grossly overestimating how much 3/4 of a cup of cereal is this whole time! I brought it out to R to have a laugh at how little I actually got. I threw in a splash of 1% lactose free milk to moisten my handful of cereal. 148 calories.


Lunch came in two courses. First, the artichoke and vegetable course, as I hadn’t cooked the chicken thigh long enough. I sprinkled some couscous on top of the vegetables with a little bit of chicken stock just for some extra texture and a bit of carbs.


Then the chicken was done. One thigh. Total for the meal: 248 calories.

Obvious, that was a super light lunch. When we came home from doing everything that needed to get done for the day, we broke out the Butterfinger, which held me over pretty well as dinner cooked.


Dinner: tostada bowl with beans, enchilada sauce, some roasted chicken breast, Daiya, pico de gallo, and guacamole. 455 calories.

Another 500 calories of alcohol last night (insidious and too much), but I exercised off 550 calories on the elliptical, bringing me under my daily target by 160 calories.

back in the saddle

Back in the saddle, here. I signed up for MyFitnessPal and have been keeping track of my calories and exercise there for a little while now, but wasn’t quite ready to jump back into blogging. I’m ready to make some more significant changes in my life, however, and I’m finding that I’m much more likely to stick with everything if I’m tracking and blogging on the way.

So. Yesterday.


I just got a new camera and it took me a minute to figure out that the light settings were out of whack, so enjoy some blue pictures to start off. 😛

Egg, English muffin, 1 tsp Earth Balance whipped, and a turkey breakfast sausage patty. 310 calories.


Two pickles for basically zero calories. Don’t judge, I love pickles!


For lunch, I sauteed some vegetables and boneless skinless chicken thighs with some curry powder. I also “fried” up some Asian green onion puff pastry that I found at a local market last weekend. It turned out fantastic. 533 calories.

For dinner, we went out to a taqueria, where I had a lengua taco, a cheeseless chicken enchilada, and rice and beans. MFP estimated the meal at 555 calories.

Following dinner, I had approximately 500 calories of beer/alcohol … not good. I’m locking that down tonight.


I did 30 minutes of level 4 resistance elliptical for 380 calories burned, then went on a leisurely 2 hour walk that MFP estimated burned 350 calories.

Net for the day: 9 calories over my goal.