a new member of my home

Let’s talk about mangoes for a second.

I love mangoes. They are hands-down one of my favourite fruit. But what I sometimes forget, in my yearning for mango, is that I like champagne mangoes. The big old run of the mill ones you tend to find in grocery stores? Not actually my kind of mango. They frustrate me. Their seeds are huge. The flesh clings to the seed and gets stuck in my teeth.

So breakfast wasn’t very satisfying, even with the side of bacon to offset the frustration.

Lunch was much better. I made a “BLT plus chicken” salad. Very savoury and tasty!

I had intended to make dinner at home, but we had a lot to do in the afternoon and I never quite ended up making it to the grocery store. So we went to a pupuseria, where I had a taco and a chicarron pupusa.


One of the things that ate up my afternoon was the purchase of an exercise bike! We’re on a fairly limited budget right now, what with me being unemployed and all, so instead of going my usual route and buying a brand new one, I took a chance on a used BRF 700 bike from Craigslist. The reviews seem generally positive and this allows me more exercise than just “cleaning, light” so I’m excited to give it a whirl today!


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