a good start

And we’re off! Yesterday was a pretty good day. I started off with an omelette – two whole eggs, one egg white, one serving of Daiya pepperjack cheese, and pickled jalapenos. I’m a bit of a spicy food junkie and tend to go in and out “need heat on EVERYTHING trends” … this is definitely one of the times when I’m “on.”

I was really aggravated when I was making lunch (for reasons i won’t share) and ended up just slopping a bit of leftover homemade chicken pho into a bowl and eating it. It did the trick, but ended up way lower calories than I had thought when I entered it into MFP.

So a couple hours later, I need a snack. Two mandarin oranges/Cuties.

And for dinner, EVEN THOUGH I drove the kids and R through one of my favourite fast food joints (del taco, don’t judge me), I resisted and waited until I got home to make myself a salad with chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, and Brianna’s creamy balsamic dressing. The dressing is quite high on calories for being balsamic – I’m going to go shopping for a replacement in the coming days.

No beer at night, only two 1.5 ounce shots and some nibbles on leftover slow-cooked pork for a snack. One huuuuge mistake I made was taking my melatonin too late – I ended up feeling snacky and wandering through the kitchen while I waited for it to kick in. Tonight will be better.

Room for improvement:

1) More water! I only drank four cups.
2) More movement! I did about forty minutes of walking, but it was slow and not the kind of exercise I should be aiming for.
3) More veggies! I ended strong but the first part of the day was pretty meh.


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