turns out, this is the end

So, R approached me last night about our diet. I say “our” because I’m the cook of the household, and we don’t have the resources for me to eat a completely separate meal from everyone else, so what I’ve been doing (as i have mentioned before) is making a keto-friendly meal and then throwing a carb on the side.

The problem with this, of course, is that the keto meals are fat heavy and ineffective without super low carbs. R has been maintaining a “normal” diet and was concerned that, longterm, joining me on only the high fat portion of the diet was going to .. well … make him fat! (he can’t participate in keto for a couple different reasons)

As a compromise, I offered to switch over to paleo, which is not necessarily lower fat but can be, and includes some carbohydrates so all my meals won’t be so drastically different than his. I changed my macros in MFP over to 20% carbs, 30% protein, and 50% fat and will be embarking on that journey starting today. But to close out my unfortunately short-lived experiment with keto, yesterday’s meals.

The usual breakfast. I think I’ll continue this as it’s quick, easy, filling, and cheap.

A (blurry, sorry) picture of lunch – chicken thigh, romaine, Kraft caesar dressing, and shaved parmesan.

I was pretty sure that I took a picture of dinner, but apparently not! We had more bacon-wrapped asparagus (i’ve already gone through our pack of bacon … oops!) along with sausage-stuffed mushrooms. It was tasty but oh man, the grease. 😦

Alright everyone, I’m off to do a little more reading up on the ins and outs of paleo. It’s worth noting that I gained another half a pound since yesterday, so I think I’m due for a session at the gym today!


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