day 2 of keto

Well, day 2 of keto went exactly as I had planned. I was sad to see that I ended up gaining 0.2 pounds since yesterday, this morning, but that is objectively so little weight I won’t be letting it get me down. A quick rundown of the meals for the day –

“Scrambled” (microwaved) eggs and two pieces of bacon. Never again, using a microwave to scramble eggs is pretty gross. :/

Some more of that steak … stuff. It hasn’t improved with age. I’ll probably be throwing out the rest – too much gristle!

I roasted some frozen broccoli in the same pan I had previously used to cook bacon, and tossed the broccoli in the bacon fat after it warmed up. I also threw in two chopped garlic cloves. Much tastier than the protein!!

I got a little fancy with dinner (hahaha) by roasting a whole chicken, doing bacon-wrapped asparagus, and then made crescent rolls for the non-keto members of the household. Totally delicious. I had two more of the asparagus after this was shot!

As planned, I had a 24 ounce Coors Light as I wound down for bed. I honestly felt fantastic all day, but I went to the gym and spent an hour on the recumbent bike and the elliptical and it really pushed me over the edge into feeling gross again. :/ Even with the Coors, however, I stayed within my target carb range for the day!! Tonight, I plan on buying a six pack of Coors Light and tapering down to 12 ounces of Coors a night. After that… something carb free. 🙂 See you tomorrow!


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