step one is complete!

The last couple of nights, I’ve been alcohol-free! It’s something that I’ve known I can do, but have been hindered by my anxiety about getting enough sleep each night. The real impetus to go ahead and do it was a week of really terrible sleep with the alcohol – if I can’t sleep on it, I might as well try sleeping without it. So far, so good!

I do need to cut out the night time snacking, however. That’s my next step, something to build upon my success. It’s not that I’m starving or particularly hungry, I just feel like I need to be snacking to keep myself occupied as I wind down for the night. R has suggested buying peanut butter and celery. This is a great idea because I hate peanut butter. 😦 Leaving me just the celery is absolutely fine and a caloric “hit” I’m willing to take.

Today was honestly a wash even without drinking – I had my usual breakfast sandwich, then someone brought donuts and I failed to have any willpower (i also ate fruit, but obviously those don’t cancel each other out!), then I had some jalapeno cheddar corn bread with some chili for lunch, then a chicken fajita pita from Jack in the Box just now … it’s a rough day. Not a horrible day, but even if I get to do some in-home exercise, it’s going to be to break even, not to cut into my daily total. 😦

Tomorrow is a new day, however, and every small step I take (no hard alcohol, then no alcohol at all, then no snacking) will get me closer and closer and put me into a position to really leap toward my goals in a way I haven’t been able to thus far.


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