two days of food

A lot of people have been doing “30 Days of Thankful” for the last 25 days or so. I’m a pretty negative person and I generally abhor expressing gratitude in blanket statements, so instead I decided to do 30 Days of Food to see if I could manage to kick back up this blog. Naturally, I am starting off with two days of food in one post, because that’s just how lazy I am I roll.

Breakfast yesterday, a sausage patty on two small slices of rosemary potato bread.


I had this idea, with lunch, that I would recover from days of eating carb-heavier meals (my digestive issues are such that a higher protein, lower carb diet helps keep me in less pain, though it’s not a total fix) by having refried beans, leftover turkey, lactose-free sour cream, Daiya cheddar, and some salsa verde. Unfortunately, fiber is also a huge issue for my digestion, and any form of beans/legumes are generally enough to really piss it off. It was a nice thought, though. 😦


Instead, I had hours of stomach pain and heartburn. I promise that’s the last of my oversharing about stomach problems …. for this post. 😛 I had a piece of toast to try to keep the heartburn at bay, to no avail.


Fred Meyer sells day-old garlic bread, pre-buttered, for half off – and it’s loaded with preservatives anyway, so you’re basically paying half-off for the same bread. I made turkey, garlic bread, and marinara sauce sandwiches.



Plus a little extra, and milk to quell the heartburn (AT LAST).


Today, my usual breakfast …


More garlic bread, this time on the side of chicken breast cooked with onions, yellow squash, and yellow bell peppers, with marinara sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan …


When I made Thanksgiving dinner, I saved all the juices that came out of the turkey, refrigerated them so the fat would rise, and then scooped it off the top. The remaining turkey-jelly has made a great base for soup, halved with water. Tonight I used up the rest of the onion, yellow squash, and half a potato, with chicken breast.


Two down, 28 to go?


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