doubling up on days again

You’d think I’d have more time for this on the weekends, but I end up getting caught up in other things instead … So Friday first:


Mmm, breakfast. It’s a shame that yogurt and granola doesn’t hold me over well – luckily, I ate this barely three hours before lunch time, because every time I use yogurt and granola as my main dish, I end up starving a few hours later, even with the addition of the sausage and the pluot to bulk up the meal.

I kind of find it a ripoff that Carl’s Junior charges an extra $1 to make any of their burgers into turkey burgers … but it’s still less than $5 and tasty as hell. This one is a jalapeno burger with no cheese.


This as another experiment with steak. I’m finding that it doesn’t agree with my stomach anymore. 😦 Tasty carne asada tacos from Muchas Gracias, though! Not pictured: a single chicken taquito with guacamole.


I highly recommend this low fat pumpkin oatmeal recipe. I left out the raisins, used half 1% lactose-free milk and half water, and added a few crushed pecans as well as 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Absolutely delicious and low calorie.


Another baked flying saucer for lunch …


And my own twisted take on Hot Pockets for dinner: Twin Dragon eggroll wrappers, chicken, broccoli, and jalapeno havarti Daiya. Mmmmm.


Not pictured: half a bag of Hytop kettle corn, and a Sharp’s NA beer.

I’m back under 150 again (149.6)! My weight has been pretty static at 152 so it’s nice that it finally dropped below 150 again … hopefully it stays under, and goes lower!


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