fresh off of turbo jam and feeling motivated to post

Man! I just got done doing the Fat Burner video on Turbo Jam and I am all pumped up to post about my food hahaha. Seriously though, I need to ride this high out before I crash and zone out in front of the TV for the rest of the night.

I’m skipping yesterday’s post because honestly, I had a good day (calorie wise) that was completely unsatisfying to my taste buds, and after I hit “finished for the day” on MFP, I went out and had two crunchy tacos (WITH CHEESE) from Del Taco. I’ve been experimenting a bit with dairy products lately and have found a nice balance between “cheese quesadillas all day every day” and “no cheese forever.” Anyway. It was but a single day in the long fitness journey I am on, blah blah etc.

Breakfast today was a predictable as predictable can be: bagel thin, sausage, egg.


I tried Panera for the first time at lunch today, and found this lunch filling without being heavy and completely tasty all around. Half a chicken avocado salad, a bowl of low fat chicken noodle soup, and bread.

I’ve tried to make corn tortillas before, without much success, but tried again because I wanted tacos and have grown to loathe store-bought corn tortillas. This time was much more successful and my meal was incredibly filling for the amount of calories it was. The soup on the side was something I picked up at the farmer’s market – a vegan corn and chile chowder.


The soup brand is Souper Natural – if you’re in the Portland area, look them up! They apparently stock some items at New Seasons, and have stalls at most of the farmer’s markets. This soup was spicy and delicious and completely soy, dairy, and gluten free. (no, i’m not being paid to say this – it was just really good!)


That’s it for today! Tomorrow is another lift day, though I may put it off an extra day to sync up my schedule with R, who has already decided to lift on Friday. We’ll see! I took the day off of elliptical yesterday and stretched for about 20 minutes instead, and the incredible soreness in my legs went away today, so apparently that was a good choice.


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