two days in one

I ran out of time to post Sunday’s food, so have a two-in-one to make up for it.

R was feeling energized on Sunday, and cranked out a breakfast sandwich for me before I could think twice. The usual trappings, plus Daiya.


We went to the farmer’s market, and had some kettle corn as a snack. The bag promised that the whole thing was 170 calories (3 cups of popcorn) and I split it with three other people, so the calories should have been pretty negligible.

As promised, I made a Beef and Barley soup – the recipe I made was faithfully copied from Skinnytaste (a GREAT recipe resource, by the way), with the exception of added mushrooms (because i had them sitting around) and doubling the recipe. It turned out absolutely delicious, though I’ve found my stomach’s patience for red meat has greatly declined since I’ve switched to a primarily poultry-based diet. :/ It was still very very tasty, however.


Dinner was uninspired – a Wendy’s chicken sandwich and a side salad with the pomegranate dressing.

And on to yesterday … while at the farmer’s market, I picked up some pluots, and had one alongside my breakfast sandwich.


For lunch I had Chipotle, managing to choose very wisely despite not having calorie information in front of me – a bowl with chicken, rice, salsa, and avocado.

I roasted a chicken on a bed of chopped frozen broccoli, and made some quick couscous to go along with it. Measuring out 1/2 a cup of couscous turned out to be plenty when mixed in with the broccoli.


Today is a lift day and I’m honestly pretty excited about it. I’ve tried a few different stances for doing squats – the bar across the shoulders, dumbbells at each side, and finally just holding a 35 pound bench press weight against my chest – and found that the latter of the three is the best to avoid pinching a nerve in my neck that seems to be touchy. I find it easier to keep posture and get a great, deep squat each time I use the one weight, so I’m pretty excited to do some more squats tonight! (obligatory “hahaha, who am i?!” goes here)


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