a day without breakfast

… is supposed to be some cardinal sin. And normally I can’t really function without some sort of calories at least partway through the morning, but today, for the first time in months (maybe even over a year), I slept in until 10:30. And then, when I woke up, I read for 45 minutes before finally breaking out the sugar free energy drinks. And then after I consumed that, I figured it was time for breakfast, only to find that it was time for lunch! So I had no breakfast today, and from a calorie standpoint, started myself off ahead.

For lunch, I had 1 tbsp of Smart Balance Light on the outside of a chicken breast and Daiya jalapeno havarti melt. It was tasty and luxurious, and I even used two full pieces of bread.


For dinner, we went to Baja Fresh … I got a chicken Baja Burrito with no cheese, but couldn’t find anything online that told me what the calories would be without cheese, so I just counted the whole burrito. I didn’t count the two sips of full sugar Sprite I had, so it probably evened out …

I did two sessions of elliptical today, estimated 1000 calories burned, so it’s no surprise that I was feeling a bit snacky tonight. I had a Kashi chocolate almond butter cookie – it was okay. Counting that and a NA beer, I’m 600 calories under for the day and will leave it at that. 🙂


Tomorrow, I’m going to try my hand at making beef and barley soup!

Oh – and as a side note, I skipped the last two days of entries. The first day, I counted calories but didn’t work out, and came in 29 calories over my goal. The second day, I tried out as a “cheat day” (as touted by the inventor of the slow carb diet) and had lengua tacos and soup for lunch, and two pieces of chicken bacon cheeseless pizza for dinner. I felt terrible afterwards. 😦 My stomach was horrified for most of the day, and I’ll probably tone back any other cheat days I attempt to take.


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