on time this time

I actually remembered to do this on the day of consumption! Haha. It’s such a pain to do the post first thing in the morning, when I’m all groggy from lack of sleep, so fingers crossed I get into the habit of it. (the post from earlier today was made at work, oops)

Today was completely uninspired. The last turkey breakfast sausage patty, an egg, and an English muffin:


Sushi for lunch, with a mind for both cost and calories (except for the very lightly battered calamari, which i pretty much have to have each time i go):

And for dinner, two tostadas with beans, cheese, pork, guacamole, and Tapatio. We’ve been out of Tapatio for over a month and mmmmmmm was it good to have some again.


R had a huge calorie deficit today, and requested some quick Jiffy muffins. I had two.


I already factored a single NA beer into my night, and came out ~400 calories under net target following 40 minutes of elliptical and 20 minutes of strength training. 🙂


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