a new dish and old favourites

I had a light day for exercise yesterday – 40 minutes of elliptical. I find myself averaging the calories burned on the elliptical – the machine gives me one number (which is sensitive to resistance level) and MFP gives me another (which does not allow for resistance). I do all my elliptical on a 4 or 5 out of 10, but I’d hate to overeat based on the machine’s calorie calculations so I end up averaging the numbers.

Breakfast as usual:


For lunch, I tried a recipe from SkinnytasteCajun Spiced Flounder with Tomatoes. R has been wanting to eat more fish, due to its high protein/low fat qualities, so we picked up two fillets of cod to make this dish. In addition to the regular ingredients, I added a cup and a half of diced mushrooms and a couple splashes of chicken broth when I found the mushrooms to be a bit too absorbent. I also used red bell peppers, mainly because I loath green bell peppers. But overall, the dish was incredibly easy to make, and when I calculated out the calories on MFP, came out to ~400/serving including rice.


R wasn’t hungry at dinner time, so I faked a Flying Saucer (a deep fried flour tortilla tostada at a local chain called muchas gracias) by baking the tortilla with all the ingredients on top. Shh, don’t tell, I sprinkled on 10 grams of real cheese – and had no problems because of it! 😉 The rest is fat free refried beans (1/4 cup), 3 ounces of leftover pork, and guacamole.


As a side note, I’ve been using a scale to measure out my food for a while now, and it has been great for determining actual service sizes, rather than relying on “a deck of cards” or “a balled up fist” or any of those other, less-accurate assessments of a serving. It also allows me to make statements like, “I sprinkled 10 grams of cheese on my dinner.” 🙂 Until tomorrow!


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