the great deficit debate (no, not THAT deficit)

I’ll start off with the food for yesterday … nothing too exciting. An English muffin with a sausage on it.


Another bowl of the pasta bake from the other day.


And for dinner, I cooked pork. It’s becoming a staple in our house – I get the “carnitas” cut of pork at Winco, which is a cheap cut of meat that lends itself well to being baked in the oven for hours. A large can of enchilada sauce poured over it, then covered in foil and baked for 4-8 hours (depending on when i start it) leave several meals’-worth of flavoured pork for consumption. This night, I didn’t have all the trappings for burritos, so I made brown rice and served it over that. I measured out 2/3 of a cup of brown rice, which was plenty.


Before bed, I wrestled with something that I generally find debatable – calorie deficit. Old habits tell me that I should always go for as large a deficit as possible. On the other hand, right now I have MFP set with a net calorie goal of 1200 calories, so as I sat there debating with myself, my net calories were slightly under 600. I ended up eating a fresco double decker taco from Taco Bell, which brought my net calories to a little over 800.


What do you think, readers? My actual calorie consumption was slightly over 1600 calories, and I honestly didn’t need to eat the taco – I was feeling snacky and knew I had the calorie allowance, but I honestly don’t know whether it’s necessary to truly get myself up to 1200 net calories or whether my focus should be on maintaining a large calorie deficit and keeping my actual calorie consumption around 1200.

My body is a little sore today – I did strength training (bench press, squats and more squats, and some calf work) and Turbo Jam Fat Blaster, and ended up walking for over 2 hours by the end of the day. Once I’m done here it’s time to hop on the elliptical!


5 thoughts on “the great deficit debate (no, not THAT deficit)

  1. I don’t know… I mean if you’re working out you should be eating more. I usually just eat when I’m hungry, but make sure I’m snacking on things like apples, popcorn, pickles, cheese, stuff that doesn’t have too many calories but will make me feel full.

    1. Well, I mean, I DO eat more … 1600 calories vs 1200 calories … but I’m just not sure how to properly balance a good deficit and proper nutrition. To get to net 1200 calories, I would have had to eat 2k yesterday; after everything I ate, I wasn’t hungry at all, so I don’t think chowing down on a random 400 extra calories makes sense, you know?

      I need to buy popcorn, though. Nom nom.

  2. I know that an enormous deficit seems exciting because it seems like it will make weight loss faster. The problem is that your body DOES NOT want to lose weight, and a large enough deficit will trigger all of the psychological *and* physiological defense mechanisms to *prevent* weight loss. So I’d vote for a more modest deficit for weight loss which is slower, but is also more certain and more sustainable in the long term.

    1. I suppose so! I guess the difficult part is determining how closely you can cut it – obviously eating less than 1200 calories is a recipe for pissing my metabolism off, but if I eat 1500 and happen to have a calorie goal of 2000 because of exercise, how bad can it be? 🙂

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