venturing back in

I’m about to change jobs, a lot closer to where I live, and as such have decided to use my new-found free time to really buckle down and focus on my weight. I got as low as 147 pounds in the last month, but gained weight back up to 152 via a couple weeks of absolutely no dieting and probably some overconsumption. Actually, no “probably” about it – the weight gain is pretty clear indicating that there was overconsumption.

I’m back on MyFitnessPal and will be sticking with it over CalorieCount for the time being. The best news is that I poured the booze in the house down the sink two days ago, and R is on board with this – we’re both ready to go back to the lifestyle we had a couple years ago, with healthier choices both in the short-term and the long-term.

And onto yesterday’s eats …

Breakfast was a Trader Joe’s fat free english muffin (as a side note, they’re the only brand i’ve been able to find in my area that has neither soy nor milk products in it), an egg, and a pork sausage patty.


My food scale came in handy when I weighed everything to ensure portion accuracy. Lunch was a turkey and Daiya jalapeno havarti sandwich on cracked wheat pan-grilled with a tablespoon of Smart Balance Light on the outside of the bread. It tasted like sin but came out to less than 500 calories.


For dinner, I made a pasta bake – shells, Prego Italian sausage and garlic pasta sauce, half a bag of Daiya mozzarella, and finely chopped chicken breast, onion, and zucchini. Everything was cooked and then it was thrown in the oven to crunch up some of the pasta and to melt the Daiya. I had two serving.


Not pictured (well, i took pictures, but have a new phone and am wrestling with instant upload): 1 oz of Lays Salt and Vinegar potato chips, 1/4 of a can of Shasta soda, 9 Hint of Salt Triscuits, 9 pickled jalapenos, and another serving of jalapeno havarti Daiya. I did 42 minutes of elliptical and walked around up hills for an hour, so I about broke even for my net 1200 calories.


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