while i’m thinking about this blog

Just a few products I’ve run into that I absolutely love.

FINALLY. Being lactose- and soy-intolerant, I have a couple of yogurt options. I can pay $1.50 per cup for organic lactose-free yogurt (which kind of galls, honestly, considering I pay $0.47 most of the time for semi-local Tillamook yogurt for the kids). I can pay just about that much for coconut milk yogurt, and I don’t because I’m not generally a huge fan of the taste of coconut. I can not pay $1-something for Amande yogurt – I appreciate what they’re trying to do, but the texture is absolutely horrid and even my yogurt-obsessed toddler refused to take more than a single bite.

Anyway, when I caught wind of Yoplait rolling out lactose-free yogurt, I was super excited, and even more excited when I found it at Fred Meyer for $0.87. 170 calories and 50% of my calcium for the day! Having it with a serving of granola has made the last couple of mornings pretty tasty and I think I’m going to load up – it’s way easier than lugging in four different pieces to put together into a breakfast sandwich at work.

Pilgrim chicken bacon. 25 calories a slice, and really similar in flavour to real bacon. This was on my “must stock up on list” until …

Okay, not just bacon – Fred Meyer Private Selection Center Cut Bacon. Also 25 calories a slice, and actually the real thing! My grand plans for today include cooking up a bunch of this for use later on in the week.


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