not as good but still not bad

Yesterday was about self-restraint, as far as food consumption went, and I think I did fairly well. I started off with my usual breakfast sandwich.


I have a water bottle at work that I refill. It’s 24 ounces (or three cups), and it’s kind of mind-boggling that I should be drinking basically three full servings of it each day to meet my water requirements. I got through one and a half. 😛


I really wanted sushi for lunch. Luckily (kinda), many of the rolls that I would normally eat were not in circulation, so I only had 700 calories worth of sushi.


Spicy salmon and avocado roll.


Sockeye salmon nigiri.

Eel tempura roll.

And calamari, my favourite.

Being that lunch was so heavy, I tried to go light for dinner – half a bowl of Trader Joe’s vegetable green curry, with 3.5 ounces (pre-cooking) of chicken breast thrown in for a little less than 400 calories. It was okay, but not especially satisfying. :/


After dinner, I had a glass of beer, a shot of Rumplemintz, and a piece of chocolate. Luckily, I had exercised for an hour and burned 800 calories, so I still ended up under my calorie target and still lost weight – 154.8 this morning. Let’s keep going down!


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