it’s a bit early to celebrate …

… but I’m down a pound! 155.6 this morning. Yeah, yeah, weight loss is cumulative – I’m still happy to see the scale move.

I ran out of turkey sausage patties and replaced it on my breakfast sandwich with 2 weighed ounces of low sodium turkey breast. It actually saved me 60 calories, for a 270 calorie sandwich.


Normally, I get sugar free energy drinks to boost me through the day, but I didn’t have my second one yesterday and decided to try an Americano with two pumps of mocha and one pump of caramel. I forgot to say iced. :/ It was okay. 80 calories.


I had intended to have another salad and burrito for lunch, but R needed me to meet him downtown so we did that and, somewhat fittingly, ended up at Chipotle, where I had a burrito bowl (which is basically a burrito as a salad, haha). 575 calories – nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be when I was eating it.


The kitchen was still messy, so I made chicken breast cooked in salsa verde, then put them with a tablespoon of beans and half a serving of Daiya per tortilla. ~480 calories.


I ended up having an (unphotographed) square of 66 calorie chocolate after dinner, as well as a single shot (~100 calories) but still ended up under my calorie goal due to an intense hour of elliptical that burned 700 calories. Hooray!


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