back again …

I don’t think I’ve ever been so doggedly determined to make a blog work. Not because of its immense profitability (lolol), not because of my huge readerbase, but because holding myself accountable is seriously important when it comes to my weight loss. So here I am again! Of course, my determination to keep moving forward with this comes during a heat wave … but summer is coming, so I can’t really use that as an excuse not to diet and exercise, right?

Yesterday started, as ever, with my breakfast sandwich for 320 calories.


I have some reservation about shopping at Trader Joe's. The secrecy with which the company who owns it runs the whole operation doesn't sit right with me … but money is an object, and they do make cheap, tasty salads. So, I stopped by there during lunch to get their citrus chicken salad for 330 calories with dressing.


I was pretty starving, so I also picked up some chicken chile verde burritos and committed to working off the extra 360 calories when I got home.


I was feeling uninspired at dinner (nor did i, quite honestly, want to clean the kitchen) so I microwaved one of the 40 calorie single servings of vegetables, a barbequed chicken thigh, and 2 ounces (weighed!) of chicken breast.


I was feeling pretty snacky around bedtime, but resisted and went to bed instead – total calories for the day were 1253, with 550 of those burned off on the elliptical. I weighed in at 156.6 this morning (if you believe my scale, which i kind of don’t) so let’s see how the “no booze” dieting era goes.


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