a lesson about sushi

I started off my day predictably – an English muffin, a little bit of Earth Balance whipped, a turkey sausage patty, and an egg. These sandwiches really have lasting power through lunch time.


For lunch, I was really craving sushi, and had that, “How many calories could it really be?” moment with myself. I figured I would let myself eat a normal amount of food there and then calculate the calories to really teach myself what I’m eating when I go out to places like that.

And now, the parade of sushi …

Salmon nigiri.

Not a usual choice of mine – vegetable tempura.

Salmon and avocado roll with sriracha mayo.

I wasn’t really ~feeling~ eel tempura rolls but had one anyone. Learned my lesson when a bone stabbed me in my gum and stayed there! 😦

And some calamari because it’s delicious.

All said and done … 937 calores. Holy cow! Sure, I was full, but I definitely could have made some better choices with that many calories.


Dinner was basically an abject failure – I intended to have a moist, juicy chicken breast with some roasted-alongside vegetables. Instead, because I was taking a final online while it cooked, I ended up with tough, overcooked chicken and half-burned veggies. :/ I ate it anyway though, as it was 7:30 and too late to start another one.

Even with exercising 735 calories off with about an hour on the elliptical, alcohol tallying in took me over my goal calories (which is 1200 plus whatever i’ve exercised off) by ~170 calories for the day. Definitely no sushi in my future today!


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