living dangerously!

Okay, not as dangerously as some people live, but it sure felt dangerous. I ate half of a king size Butterfinger today. Did you know that, contrary to the labeling of “milk chocolate” and “butter” in the packaging, all of the milk ingredients in Butterfingers are in the 1% or less column? Once we found that out, R and I agreed to split a Butterfinger when we didn’t have anywhere else to go the rest of the day. That turned out to be yesterday. No adverse effects, and man, was that candy delicious. Totally worth the 230 calories it cost me.


In any case, that Butterfinger was later in the day. I almost ended up skipping breakfast, but was feeling moody and so had an actual serving (30g, as measured by my food scale) of cereal. Ummm … clearly I have been grossly overestimating how much 3/4 of a cup of cereal is this whole time! I brought it out to R to have a laugh at how little I actually got. I threw in a splash of 1% lactose free milk to moisten my handful of cereal. 148 calories.


Lunch came in two courses. First, the artichoke and vegetable course, as I hadn’t cooked the chicken thigh long enough. I sprinkled some couscous on top of the vegetables with a little bit of chicken stock just for some extra texture and a bit of carbs.


Then the chicken was done. One thigh. Total for the meal: 248 calories.

Obvious, that was a super light lunch. When we came home from doing everything that needed to get done for the day, we broke out the Butterfinger, which held me over pretty well as dinner cooked.


Dinner: tostada bowl with beans, enchilada sauce, some roasted chicken breast, Daiya, pico de gallo, and guacamole. 455 calories.

Another 500 calories of alcohol last night (insidious and too much), but I exercised off 550 calories on the elliptical, bringing me under my daily target by 160 calories.


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