even pasta is okay once in a while

I felt pretty damn good about yesterday. I started off with a lower-fat version of that slow-carb breakfast I was making for a while – to reduce points/calories, I use Isernio’s spicy chicken sausage instead of actual chorizo. Half a pound of the stuff is only 6 points! Plus veggies for days, nom nom.

Then a mango because I can’t resist.

I went out and did week 4 of C25K – it was a bit harder than the day before, but I’m glad I pushed myself to make it through. I saw a GIANT earthworm while I was running.

(that’s my womens size 9 shoe there)

Apparently I didn’t get a picture of the turkey and bacon sandwich I had for lunch, with Annie’s Naturals low fat balsamic dressing instead of mayo. I did, however, get a picture of the organic fair trade vegan soy-free (i remember a time when i mocked people like this …) orange dark chocolate I bought at Whole Foods, though. Mmmmmm tasty.

(photo guest-starring my finger)

I haven’t made pasta in a long time because the points don’t seem worth it, and I just haven’t been feeling the marina sauce based version. I found these spinach fettuccine noodles though, and cooked a chicken breast, an onion, a zucchini, some fantastic sugar plum tomatoes, and a little bit of diced sun-dried tomatoes with it. Split it with R for a surprisingly healthy pasta dish.

I also had an Izze for the first time … I never realised they were 70% juice! Pretty good.

I was wide awake at 10:30 so I used up my first of three booze days – two shots, one beer.

I weighed myself this morning – 153.4. That puts me at only 0.4 pounds over last week’s weight, and definitely reinforces my decision to weigh daily.


3 thoughts on “even pasta is okay once in a while

  1. Hey, do you know about shirataki noodles? No, they have nothing to do with shitake mushrooms (notice the different spelling). They have practically no calories. Yep, I said NO calories (practically – maybe one or two). They are made entirely of insoluble fiber. So you can get a little more creative with adding sauce, sausage, parmesean, whatever because you have extra calories to spend. They actually taste pretty decent too, and have pretty awesome texture. There’s a tofu-based version too with slightly more calories, but still pretty dang low. You can get ’em at Asian markets, but also Whole PaycheckFoods and New Seasons and stuff too. Maybe Trader Joe’s, don’t quote me on that.


    1. I do … I have an interesting relationship with them, because it was after they exited my body wholly undigested (that was gross) that I figured out I was allergic to soy! :/ The ones at WF are tofu-based … I’ll have to look out for non-soy ones next time I’m at New Seasons. šŸ™‚

      1. o.0

        Yeah, that would NOT be pleasant. Wow. I haven’t tried the tofu ones, just the full on shirataki ones. I should get some more of those, actually – I’ve been eating such garbage of late, I could use some decent low calorie meals, and I still have a bit left on my Food Stamps this month…

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