grocery shopping day!!

I love grocery shopping. I especially love when we get money for food and I can load up on all the vegetables that are out of our price range toward the end of the month. I’ve made a commitment to buy as much organic produce (compromising on meat instead – organic meat is fracking expensive!) as possible. So yesterday I went to Whole Foods, and tomorrow’s meal pictures are going to be full of fresh vegetables and fruit!

Yesterday though, I started off with my egg and bacon sandwich thin.

Plus some applesauce.

I originally brought a sandwich to work for lunch, but R wanted to have lunch with me, so I cut it in half and ate the half as a snack. Turkey, pickled jalapenos, bacon, and a drizzle of Italian dressing.

I didn’t get pictures of lunch, but I had sushi, which has been dutifully logged.

I really wanted nachos for dinner, but couldn’t justify the points after such a heavy lunch! So I compromised with myself and made paleo tacos … with about five crushed tortilla chips thrown in the mixture. Shhh!

They were delicious. I bought organic romaine for the first time ever, and holy crap, the difference is incredible! It will be featuring heavily in my upcoming dishes!


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