there are some advantages to being lactose-intolerant

Yesterday was the reason weekly points were invented! I started off strong with a sandwich thin, egg whites, and the last of the bacon bits.

This lighter option required 2/3 of a serving of my favourite soup mid-day …

I wanted something tasty and fresh for lunch, so I got that one sandwich from Whole Foods again – this time specifying light aioli. There was still a bit much on there for my taste, but it wasn’t oozing out of every crevasse, at least!

(oh yeah, and the usual fruit yadda yadda)

I did not end up getting a picture of dinner – cheeseless Little Caesar’s three meat pizza! I did some Google-sleuthing and estimated my two pieces at 11 points. Not bad!

I really, really want to get out and run tomorrow. Not that the 30 minutes earns me a tremendous amount of points, but I’m starting to feel antsy – the purchase of an elliptical is getting pushed out until April, so going almost an entire month with only my little 30 minute Whole Foods walks is making me feel fat and immobile.


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