trying to get this in before yesterday is long gone …!

I staggered a number of small, light meals throughout the day, which worked pretty well. I’ve found that applesauce in the morning (always unsweetened!) really gets me to breakfast, since I usually eat breakfast around 8 and get up at 5:30.

Breakfast: one piece of Seattle cracked wheat sourdough with an egg and some Hormel bacon bits.

For a “snack,” some broccoli and about an ounce of leftover rice. Gotta say: not anywhere near satisfying. Nothing makes you feel like “I am on a diet” like dourly stuffing your face with steamed vegetables.

By lunch time, my stomach was really hurting, so I only had fruit and a microwave meal.

Dinner ended up being super light because I didn’t feel like cooking – a 100 calorie (2 point) sandwich thin, a bit of chicken, and a bit of Daiya.

This left the door open for a luxurious evening snack … NACHOS! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

I also walked to Whole Foods and back, earning myself 2 points.


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