welcome to weigh in day!

I weighed in at 153.4 today. That’s down 1.6 pounds, which isn’t fantastic, but isn’t dreadful, either. On Thursday, we get food funding, so I have a few goals – go back to buying only chicken breast (as tasty as cooking whole chickens is, and as cheap, the temptation of all that juicy fatty dark meat is just too much at times!), and cook four new recipes this week from SkinnyTaste.com.

Yesterday’s foods …

A breakfast burrito with two egg whites and sausage and Daiya cheddar.

A Subway chicken and bacon sandwich with light mayo.

Dinner was food court dinner – I gave half of the rice to J, then only ate half of what was left, though I did devour the pad thai and about 3/4 of the curry.

I feel like I’m early enough in the weight loss process that I should be striving for better results. I’m going to try to buckle down, get more movement in, eat more vegetables, and hopefully start pre-making myself some salads to bring to work once our food funding comes in.


One thought on “welcome to weigh in day!

  1. Movement, movement, movement!

    I’m going to be sharing some recipes from the cookbook I just bought soon… maybe you’ll like some of them!

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