food with a side of movement

Decent day yesterday. Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and I have faithfully recorded everything that has passed my mouth this past week, so I’m hoping to see results. I started off with a bowl of no sugar added applesauce:

And heated myself the rest of the green curry for breakfast. I got a couple strange looks from my coworkers, but whatever! Just as tasty the next day.

The Whole Foods that I go to for lunch is literally half a mile from my work, and it finally struck me how stupid it is to drive there. I spent 8 hours sitting in a chair at work, 2 hours sitting in my car for my commute – why am I spending my lunch sitting in the car driving to something that is a ten minute walk?? So I walked there and back. It felt good!

Zero point fruit, followed by Candle Cafe vegan macaroni and cheese, and then pumpkin jalapeno soup. Damnit! I just got back from the grocery store where I again forgot to buy pumpkin and jalapenos. Maybe I can walk there this afternoon … anyway, pictures.

For dinner, I made white rice, and roasted chicken thighs on top of asparagus, organic onion, and organic mushrooms. I measured out half a cup of rice, and piled on the rest.

I had my usual regimen of teas but wasn’t tired at all, and since I had points left for the day, I ended up having a couple beers (which i also dutifully recorded in my points log).

I almost hate (almost) IPAs, but this one was on the lower end of bitter, so it was alright.

Today, I have lots of movement planned … walking to the drug store, walking to the grocery store … hooray!


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