trucking along

Yesterday went so well, until it didn’t.

I started off with two tostadas – light smear of beans, half a chicken thigh (divided between the two), some Daiya, and lactose-free sour cream. And Tapatio! It’s a quick and easy go-to and gets me that protein first thing in the morning.

I was getting hungry and knew my lunch time would be spent driving across the metro and back, so I had a bowl of pumpkin jalapeno soup.

(seen here partially eaten!)

I swung by Burgerville for lunch and ordered a chicken club salad with no cheese (6 points) and, because I wouldn’t get to eat my salad until I got back to work, a regular serving of rosemary shoestring fries (5 points).

It was all downhill from there. After I came home from work, R went to the mall with S. We had a somewhat confusing conversation where I ended up not knowing whether he was bringing back dinner or assuming that I was going to be making dinner for myself, and to err on the side of not eating two meals, I decided to wait until he came home to see if he brought dinner. (which is totally stupid if only because we both have cell phones so i should have just texted him. damnit.) Turns out, when he rolled in at 8:10 or so, he hadn’t got me dinner, and I was now starving. So I did what any reasonable person would do, and starting crying as I looked into our (mostly empty) fridge.

Eventually I pulled myself together and ordered some green curry from a local Thai place. I was very good though, and ate less than half the rice, and less than half the curry provided, rather than gobbling it up in all its tasty glory.

I really need to iron down what is causing my stomach problems – whether it’s hidden soy, or just grease levels. Burgerville’s meal yesterday gave me some problems, and I’m not sure if it was from the grease on the fries, or something in the dressing.


One thought on “trucking along

  1. It’s probably the greasy-ness – we have a friend who had his gallbladder removed and if he eats anything greasy he has to call out sick from work it’s so bad. 😦

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