I, with comparative success, actually took pictures of everything I ate today. I missed taking a picture of the single serving of spicy chicken sausage I had before I left for work, but did manage to capture the breakfast sandwich I made for myself out of sourdough wheat bread, four egg whites, and a serving of spicy chicken sausage.

The sandwich actually held me all the way through until lunch time without a snack. I have a few hypotheses about this, but will keep them to myself and just be grateful I didn’t have to dip into my emergency soup snack supply. Instead, for lunch I had a tub of organic fruit from Whole Foods (i took the picture while i was walking, sorry for the blur!) –

– and a sandwich from their .. whatever they call that area in place of “deli.”

I wasn’t terribly hungry by dinner, but eventually got around to making some black beans and rice, with Daiya. I threw together some cornbread muffins for kicks, and ate two of them.

Unfortunately, I am just now discovering that the picture of the muffins didn’t upload … just trust me.

My WW dashboard tells me I’m 5 points under for the day, but I did a lot of estimating for today’s eating so I think we’ll just leave it at that!


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