good morning!

I almost forgot to post yesterday’s meals … sadly, I forgot to take pictures of most of them (not in the habit yet, especially in the context of work).

I started off the day with a quesadilla (half? one tortilla, cut in two …) with Daiya, a tablespoon of refried beans, and half a thigh’s-worth of chicken. I had 6 ounces of Whole Foods’ spicy vegan pumpkin soup as a snack – I’ve been trying to remember to gather the ingredients to recreate the recipe, but always end up forgetting the pumpkin! Maybe this weekend.

Lunch was a frozen Candlelight Cafe vegan macaroni and cheese meal for 7 points.

[picture not mine – i ate it all before i remembered i should photograph it!]

For dinner, I was going to make grilled Daiya and chicken sandwiches … but we only had one serving of chicken. 😦 So I made one for R while I roasted chicken and ate a piece of toast.

And then roasted chicken and ate a bag of steamed broccoli …

And then finally the damn chicken was done and I ate two thighs (only one pictured here).

I still had 6 points left for the day, but ended up not using them. Day two alcohol free: complete. 🙂


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