what did i say …

“The internet is littered with the remains of food blogs that I’ve started and stopped, ignored and forgotten.”

Truth. This one was well on its way of becoming that – I gave up, basically, slipped back into my usual habits as a matter of convenience. Oh, my phone stopped uploading the pictures into an accessible format on Picasa. Oh, I got a job (yay!!) and its in a rather posh area so my cheap food options are burritos the size of an infant. Oh, because of that job and its accompanying commute, I don’t have time to exercise.

Lots of excuses. Lots of excuses that rolled me over into the highest weight I’ve been since I was pregnant – 155.0. Um. I started back up on WW two weeks ago. First week – lost 2 pounds. Second week – lost .4 pounds. Third week – gained every last pound back by not following the program to the T. That’s this morning, the start of week 4, that I decided to rev back up Accountabiliblog, because damn, I was doing pretty well when I was fastidiously documenting everything I did and ate.

My biggest problem – I know it, I’ve alluded to it if not outright said it – is that I’ve got insomnia, yes … and I’ve relied on alcohol to keep myself to a regular schedule. While effective, I hate it. I hate feeling like a substance is a key part of a regular function of my life. I hate knowing that I waste a huge portion of calories/points on alcohol.

And so I decided (again, more, part two) to quit drinking. I honestly almost didn’t post about it because failure (again, more, part two) will be embarrassing but again, I’m hoping that accountability will help me succeed where I’ve failed before.

And, since it has actually taken me 12 hours to write this, I suppose I will continue on with today’s eats.


Breakfast was protein-heavy, as best sustains me through the day. Two servings of spicy chicken sausage (two points per serving) and an egg (two points).

And no sugar added applesauce for a snack.

For lunch, I had oven-roasted chicken thigh over cauliflower mashed “potatoes” and roasted peas/broccoli.

I had a serving of jalapeno potato chips (a waste of four points! D:):

And dinner was a mashup of two Trader Joe’s salads for a whopping 6 points, rounded up.

I still have 13 points left in the day, so maybe a pre-bed snack is in order? Hmm …


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