still here, still trucking

Gonna throw a short entry in here. I’m still around! I dropped out of the slow carb diet. I really enjoyed that I was always full, but I didn’t enjoy how dang expensive it was – yeah, the original author likes to insist that it’s affordable, and maybe as a single person on a very strict version of it it might be, but as one member in a household of 4, I was spending a huge amount of money between “food for me” and “food for everyone else.” 

I also wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Yeah, the author says that it may takes up to 4 weeks for women to start seeing results, but other than reliably losing the “cheat weight” within a couple of days, my weight didn’t move <I>at all</I>. Maybe if I incorporated a more structured and intense workout routine? Who knows. I’m sure I’ll end up trying it again, but at this point in time … no thanks.

I am, however, still counting calories, and have pretty consistently adopted R’s pretty thorough workout routine – C25K every day, weight lifting every other day (i’m still only bench-pressing our 25 pound bar … yeah, i’m that weak!), working out on the Health Walker every day for 45 minutes, and, notably, abdominal workouts.

The abdominal workouts are notable because, prior to a week ago, <I>I had never done a sit up in my life</I>. In school, if we said we couldn’t, we were allowed to do crunches instead, and I would mess up my neck pulling my head up to emulate a crunch without actually doing one. When I laid down on the floor, with R on my knees, to do my first sit up, I laughed and actually had to ask him which muscles I would use to do one. I did 6 my first try. 11 my second. Now I’m up to 20 and the first 10 are a breeze. I actually woke up today and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was excited about doing sit ups. I’m also up to 50 “real” (as opposed to the crunches mentioned above) crunches, 25 a set. 

Of course, as it is said, if you don’t lose the fat then you’ll just have really strong abs under your spare tire, but I’m heartened by this measurable progress and hopefully my financial situation will improve enough over the next month or two that I can buy an elliptical and get back to burning 700 calories in a sitting.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at! 


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