3 days into the slow carb diet

My lifestyle isn’t really conducive to daily posting, though I certainly should be to track what I eat. I’ve been messing with my phone, however, trying to get it to upload pictures, and finally figured it out last night. So, what pictures I’ve gotten during the last three days –

I found a delicious breakfast no-potato hash recipe with a little googling, which was my first “official” breakfast of the diet. I know the diet plan calls for eating the same 10 foods 6 days a week, but try convincing R of that!

This was my first attempt. It needed way more vegetables, and I cleverly sprinkled some cayenne powder on it – it was so damn spicy. I loved it, but definitely wanted more vegetables.

I did get all my pictures yesterday, starting with three organic free-range eggs scrambled with some beans, onions, and yellow bell peppers. Even with avocado salsa and some guacamole, it was hugely disappointing. Also, it looked really gross thanks to the black bean juice. :/

For lunch, I cooked some red lentils and used them as the base for a curry instead of rice. I somehow used too much water, so the lentils were mushy, but they actually worked really well in the curry.

Dinner was a standard in our household – whole roasted chicken, with vegetables that cook in the chicken juices around the chicken. Also a small salad for some raw vegetable goodness.

This morning, I made the chorizo hash again, but quadrupled the vegetables. It’s so pretty! It needed the cayenne, though, as it wasn’t very hot without it.

I’m not seeing the kind of amazing results I’ve heard about even within the first few days, but I suppose the coconut milk in the curry is kind of cheating, and I have been having hard alcohol with my two measured glasses of wine, so I’ll be looking to cut one of the two shots out and add some light cardio to see if that helps.

I’m slowly getting used to drinking tea with no sugar or milk. I’ve taken to throwing a bag of green tea in with the black tea I normally drink (maybe it’s quack science that green tea shrinks fat cells, but if it’s not, count me in!), and I’m down to one can of Diet Coke a day, which is huge since my artificial sweetener intake used to be quite high – low carb energy drink in the morning, followed by several Diet Cokes and some artificially-sweetened black tea. I’ve been wanting to cut artificial sweeteners, so that’s been a nice plus. I’m not really struggling with the “no white foods” rule except when I’m actively buttering a piece of toast for the kids ….

Tomorrow being Thanksgiving, R and I have decided to put the diet on hold. We’ll still have our Saturday cheat day, but I love the Thanksgiving excuse to cook a ridiculous amount of food, and I’m not going to give that up. πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “3 days into the slow carb diet

  1. I’ve read that both Pu Erh tea and Yerba Mate help to lose fat. Both can reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure too. I’ve read that there are actual studies on the Pu Erh in terms of cholesterol and blood pressure, though the weight loss hasn’t been “scientifically” confirmed. Personally, I’ve found that I’m willing to drink both without cream or sugar, which is *unheard of* for me. Pu Erh is black tea that’s been fermented differently than “regular” black tea and doesn’t have the bitterness that I loathe about black and even green tea, and Yerba Mate is a different plant altogether. I’ve been adding Yerba to my kombucha (just the last batch, so no results yet), since it’s also good for lungs and my asthma is back, plus if it has weight loss benefits, I’m all about that. πŸ™‚

    1. Pu Erh … I haven’t heard of that. I’m drinking Morning Thunder right now. Strangely, my green tea (I think it’s Safeway brand) is the supremely bitter one – I skipped it this morning, and the Morning Thunder tasted sooooo smooth without it. I’ll see about finding those next time I’m out shopping. πŸ™‚

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