i love fad diets

I do. It’s terrible, and I know that many of them are total crap (anyone ever try the special k diet? yeah, i don’t recommend it) but I am inevitably tempted by the thought of a quick “fix.”

A friend on Facebook asked if anyone else was doing the Slow-Carb 4 Hour Body diet. “No,” I said, “but it sounds like I should be!” I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to wean myself off of my high (bread) carb diet for several weeks now, and after looking up the Slow Carb diet, I figured it was worth a shot.

I started it today, which may not be the most prudent choice, given that Thanksgiving is on Thursday and my cheat day is supposed to be Saturday. I’m still weighing out my choices there, figuring out whether I’ll just eat a ton of turkey and a salad or if I’ll let myself indulge. I also took pictures all day, but have just discovered the my phone is no longer autouploading them to Picasa. So that will take some investigation.

In any case, I hope to be back, chronicling at least my attempts at losing weight. I’m hoping that having a more nutrient-focused, regimented low carb diet will allow me to reduce my dependence upon them as a staple to every meal.


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