low carb eating is hard

My phone didn’t upload the picture of breakfast, but I grated half a zucchini, sliced up a few pickled artichoke hearts, and scrambled them with two eggs and a little Daiya. After my run, I was hungry, so I had a few slices of garlic-herb turkey.

Lunch was roasted chicken breast (I’ve fallen in love with roasting my own whole chicken), avocado, and two types of salsa over mixed greens.

For dinner, I finally got to make the giant spaghetti squash I’d been saving, with turkey meatballs and roasted garlic spaghetti sauce.


One thought on “low carb eating is hard

  1. Granted, some people fare poorly when carbs are spared, and not just on cognitive tasks. Many also suffer mild to major anxiety or irritability, especially in the early (induction) stages of the diet. Some folks are just built that way, and may need to increase carb intake slightly while dieting. Others endure the initial stress to reap immediate benefits. Hands down, there is no faster way to lose weight, while improving metabolic health. The degree of discomfort depends largely on the choices you make.,

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