back in action!

I’m back, folks. After a much-needed hiatus, I’ve fallen back on a thought process I’ve had for a long time – if I can’t control the events in my life, at least I can control what I eat. Or at least track what I eat! So I’m back to thoughtful eating, complete with tracking.

Breakfast was half of a pumpkin spice bagel with some biscoff spread on it. A little biscoff spread goes a long way – it’s delicious, but very sweet. An egg for protein, and a cup of Starbucks Via mocha coffee (not pictured).

For lunch, I tried my hand at making a low-carb lasagna – four lasagna noodles total, with zucchini slices and eggplant making up the difference. It came out okay. There’s much I would have done differently next time, but it was quite tasty and only 237 calories per (large) serving.

I also made some garlic bread. It was okay. Not worth 180 calories.

I had forgotten to put the fresh basil I bought in the lasagna, so I decided to make some curried yakisoba noodles with chicken thighs, zucchini, eggplant, and red bell peppers. It came out fantastic.

And after dinner, I had a piece of garlic toast for 150 calories.


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