how many calories? who knows

Today (yes, I’m even posting the same day as ingestion!) was a weird day. We went to VegFest in Portland and sampled a dozen different items, and I didn’t feel like posting, much less trying to nitpick the calories in, each item, so … accept. Accept and move on. 😉

Breakfast, though, was leftover lengua on a smaller piece of sourdough.

On a Barbie plate .. who’s jealous?!

We ventured out to VegFest at 12:30, but finding an actual meal was difficult, so we grazed on vegan this and vegan that until 2:30. The only actually filling thing was a hemp milk pudding pop – oh, it was amazing. Definitely going to stalk it down in the local Whole Foods. I came home and made some Daiya cheese and chicken enchiladas.

Prior to eating:

Partway through:

We ate late, so I haven’t been hungry since. I had some (less than 2oz) chicken breast because I was feeling snacky, but haven’t bothered with an actual meal since then. Unwise? Perhaps …


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