inspirational eats

Yesterday, I started off with an old favourite – kippered herring on sourdough toast. R thinks I’m crazy for eating it first thing in the morning, but that’s just when it tastes the best! 300 calories altogether.

I was hungry as I walked to class, so I grabbed another soup-at-hand –

I started slow-cooking some lengua in the oven before I left for school and work, so I knew that I needed to eat a light lunch. There’s just no way to make lengua “light.” I was shocked to find a vegan carrot ginger soup available, and, while eating it, found myself inspired to learn to make more soups. I have exactly one in my repertoire right now (bacon corn chowder) and as we come upon the cold season, this is the perfect time to start experimenting with soups. I also added a salad to my meal.

For dinner, I had my promised lengua burrito (with a light smear of refried organic beans, a sprinkle of cheese, and salsa verde) and a crunchy taco with lengua and Daiya.

And then I had a piece of toast right before bed. I’ve honestly not even tracked calories the last two days, as my basically unmoving weight has me frustrated and I felt like living a bit to prepare for the disappointment that this week will be. Quite the self-defeating strategy, but there you go. I’m feeling better about everything today and hopefully will stick with my regimen.


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