i’m just gonna sneak this post in right here

So busy! It turns out that having more time in my schedule just means that I spend more time doing different things. So, this post is late.

Yesterday’s breakfast started with a “taco” from the OneBun, a smear of guacamole, and some thin slices of the flatiron steak.

After considering that the breakfast was ~150 calories and I was about to do C25K, I decided to eat the remaining steak.

R felt like something heavy and satisfying, so I baked fries and topped them with 99% fat free chili and a sprinkle of Daiya cheddar. I used the “use a smaller plate so you aren’t tempted to fill your plate” trick and had myself a moderate portion that was quite tasty.

I didn’t get a picture of dinner – my phone was dead. I ate out at a vegan pizzaria in downtown Portland, which had super thin crust topped with Daiya mozzarella and sauteed vegetables. Delicious!


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