flatiron steak, garlic, and tomatoes, oh my!

Yesterday was exciting because I ventured out back with S, to discover that her garden had yielded a bunch of tomatoes and some really excellent garlic. Prior to that, though, I had a repeat of the previous day’s breakfast.

For lunch, I really wanted to incorporate the fresh, garden-grown produce, so I simmered 4 cloves-worth of garlic in some organic olive oil for several minutes while I sliced tomatoes, then added the tomatoes and half of a flatiron steak I had bought, and cooked to rare. The length that the tomatoes cooked with the garlic made them soft, garlicky, and easy to spread on the Dave’s Killer blues bread. No other condiments needed!

It was hot as hell and I was feeling very low-energy, so I had another TJ’s strawberry fruit floes popsicle for 100 calories.

I made a somewhat lavish dinner – the other half of the flatiron steak, more tomatoes, mushrooms cooked in the juices of the steak and leftover olive oil, and some baked sweet potato fries. I rubbed more pressed garlic all over the steak prior to cooking it, and the crispy pieces that came off were probably the best part of the meal.


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