the eats for the day

I was so impressed with the box from Starbucks that yesterday I recreated it for breakfast.

Lunch was quick and light, eaten as I ran out the door – an Al Fresca roasted garlic chicken sausage, a OneBun, some mustard, and two small slices of vegan hazelnut “smoked gouda” cheese.

Dinner felt indulgent, but ended up being shockingly lower calorie than I thought – three ground turkey breast tacos.

When I tallied up my calories for the day, I found myself hovering at 800 calories. This was, clearly, not enough to power me through the day, especially after doing C25K, so I forced myself to eat some of Dave’s Killer cinnamon roll bread, even though I wasn’t hungry. My stomach has clearly shrunk down quite a bit in the last few weeks. Oh – but the bread was delicious. 😀


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