grocery shopping makes everything better

On the 8th, we get our allotment of food money for the month, and every 8th, I have a late breakfast because I’m so excited to be able to run out and restock our fridge. Breakfast turned out to be two slices of organic local wheat bread (240), a serving of turkey (50), half a serving of Daiya (45) and a whole tomato.

My school once again had a soup I could eat, so though I’m not a huge fan of lentils, I had the soup and salad again.

I also splurged on a sugared tea (140).

For dinner, I wanted something quick, so I had nachos, with 1.5 servings of baked tortilla chips (180), two tablespoons of refried black beans, half a tomato, a serving of Daiya cheese (90), half a chicken breast (140), and a bunch of different versions of salsa. It turned out quite low-calorie, considering what I got.


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