c25k – w4d3

My C25K posts are typically very short, but I really spend a lot of time in-the-act analyzing how I feel, both physically and emotionally. While I was still intimidated by the amount of running, it was moderated by the knowledge that I can do it. I hadn’t run since Monday, and I actually felt guilty waiting so long in between sessions. That, I expected. I’m pretty good at guilting myself. What I didn’t expect was that after I finished it, I felt awesome! I felt accomplished, and like a piece of my routine had been returned to me. The time when I look at the clock (which is usually when I start to feel tired and want to know how much longer to push) is shortening – I didn’t look at all during the first 3 minute run, and I got 4 minutes into the first 5 minute run before I looked. Even the last 5 minute run, I got 3.5 minutes in before I checked. I again focused on jogging at a steady pace, which was very helpful. My knees and ankles hurt quite a bit, but it wasn’t enough to make me stop and nothing seemed like it was damaged, so powering through turned out fine. I have also, according to Noom, been burning slightly more calories and covering slightly more distance each time, so although I’ve slowed down the initial pace of my run, apparently my overall speed is improving. It’s exciting! I’m less intimidated and more excited to do week 5 on Sunday. Like … maybe I can do this. Maybe I can be a person who can jog for half an hour straight. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


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