a game meat deli and a return to reality

Yesterday was quite the day – being on the road really makes finding low-calorie, filling, nutritious food a challenge. I started off with a chicken and hummus “plate” from Starbucks. It was quite tasty and filled me up for hours – I’m definitely going to look into recreating it to bring to school/work.

As we were in relatively close proximity to Olympia and had some time to kill, R requested that we go to a hunting store in Lacey that was purported to carry elk and wild boar meat, neither of which he’d tried before. We split an elk burger and a wild boar sandwich. The elk, despite being ground, was incredibly dense, chewy, and lean – I would not want to try and eat a steak of it. The wild boar tasted like a very delicate ham, with subtle flavour and a very tender texture.

For dinner, I got a little luxurious, making “grilled” (in a pan) paninis with garlic “butter” on the outside. Way over the top, way delicious.

I am all out of whack when it comes to C25K, as I couldn’t do it yesterday and today grocery shopping had #1 priority for the morning. I’m going to do w4d3 tomorrow, and then do week 5 on Sunday.


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