fair food and quesadillas

Today (as I am actually posting this on the same day of the eats, imagine that!) was a special day, in which the family and I went out on the town, to the Oregon State Fair. Prior to that, however, I had the world’s most innovative breakfast of leftover beans + leftover chicken and some month-old rice chips.

At the fair, it turned out that being lactose-intolerant (in a more emergency way than the soy-intolerance, it must be noted) was advantageous – most of what was offered that was battered and deep-fried was likely to have some sort of allergen in it, and instead I went for a relatively safe choice, a gyro. Of course, it was after I saw the gigantic blob of tzatziki on it that I had to ask for them to remake it without the yogurt-laden condiment.

For dinner, I cooked up some chicken breast in salsa, then put it in a Daiya cheese quesadilla, splitting the whole with R. So good, even though I burned one side. I feel like sending Daiya a Christmas present for making such an awesome cheese substitute.

The great news is that walking around at that fair for three hours (I gave myself credit for two, given that I wasn’t walking 100% of the time) burned over 300 calories, which was on top of my C25K work for today. HOORAY! My legs, though, are very ready for a day off.


One thought on “fair food and quesadillas

  1. Mmm I love gyro meat and tzatziki (even though you can’t eat it :()

    Those onions made me go D: though because of my allergy.

    My sister has been having some stomach problems and they’re checking to see if it’s her gal-bladder. Maybe I will tell her about this Daiya brand since dairy is upsetting her stomach as well.

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