c25k – w4d2

Today was a good day. Did I want to go running? Hell no. Did I want to do another day of week four? Hell no. I remembered the advice I’ve read several times, though – “Do it no matter what, no excuses.” And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. Certainly not as tiring as day 1. I focused on jogging the whole time (finally noting that the app instructions said jog, not run) instead of taking off at a brisk run and tiring out fast. I can’t, after all, expect to sprint, or even full-swing run, a 5k four weeks into a program designed for sedentary people. Accepting jogging really made a huge difference in how I felt and how long I lasted without looking at the clock. My husband went out and upgraded our headphones, spending over ten times what our first (dollar store) pair cost, which has made a huge difference in music quality, too.


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