the eats for the day

No trauma yesterday. I started off with a bagel thin, two egg whites “fried” with salsa, and a serving of turkey.

By 11, I was already starving, and was not slated to eat lunch until after 1 p.m., so I decided to get a snack. I had my points calculator out and thought I had picked a nice 4 point bag of rice chips, but when I was about halfway through I noticed that there were two servings in the bag. Really? Who eats half a snack-size bag of chips? Not me – I ate them anyway and promised to walk later to make up for it.

For lunch, I cajoled the cafeteria into giving me plain grilled chicken pieces for my salad. I also took a chance on their Italian dressing, which, now that the obligatory digestive period is long-passed, did not seem to have any dairy in it. Yay!

I had been cooking this pre-seasoned pork low in the oven all day long. It was supposed to be “Italian seasoned” but instead tasted like pepperoni – very, very salty with lots of peppery kick to it. Will not be buying again, was very easy to eat a modest serving of it. I had intended to make rice and a huge pile of sauteed vegetables with it, but R voted for “eat now” so instead I made pre-cut sweet potato fries and steamed some broccoli.

After dinner, the whole family went out on a nice, brisk 2 mile walk.


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